Writing about Rewriting

Yesterday I wrote the last chapter of my novel, which is up on Wattpad now in two books: The Dreamers of Dreams and The Music Makers. It was a weird feeling, writing the final sentence, knowing that that’s how it ends. It was weird to change the setting to ‘completed’. It felt almost ceremonial, like I should somehow mark this occasion.

One of the exciting things about creating a story is feeling that you’re in complete control, and there are endless possibilities about what could happen next, and how it could end. When you start, it’s like having a hunk of clay which could turn into anything. As you start crafting, moulding, shaping, it becomes more concrete, and that’s great, but it’s bittersweet. Now that there’s an ending, even though I wrote it, and I believe it’s the right ending for the story, I felt a little bit disappointed – like, “Oh, that’s how it ends.”

So I’m dealing with all of the feelings right now. I’m happy with the story, but it needs a lot of work. This book is going to document my attempts to make those changes, rewrite the whole damn thing, and get it ready for publication. I’ve spent the last two years learning as much as I can about the publishing industry – and that’s knowledge I’ll be sharing here, so this book might also be useful for those of you who might be interested in getting published yourselves one day.

(When I talk about published, I basically mean getting paid. Technically, the book is already published on Wattpad, but I want to make a living from this.)

If you haven’t read the two books, this book is not going to make a lot of sense for you, and it’s likely to contain spoilers as I go through the specifics of subplots, character, structure, etc. I strongly recommend that you give the books a read before diving into this.

I’m not sure anyone will actually want to read this – but for those who are interested, knock yourselves out.


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